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Tent Rental

Having an outdoor wedding, event or party ?  Worried that the rain or beating sun will ruin your big day? What better way to make it memorable than with a beautiful white pole tent! 

Available are 40’ x 40', 40' x 60’ or 40’ x 80' white pole tents with side windowed walls.  Our 40’ x 80’ tent can hold over 250 guests with many different set up options for weddings, dinners or dances.

Pole Tent Rentals:

40' x 40' White Pole Tent with Window Walls

40' x 60' White Pole Tent with Window Walls

40' x 80' White Pole Tent with Window Walls

Included with Rental:


Take Down

Four day rental (ex. Set up Thursday & Take Down Sunday evening)

There may be  travel costs depending on the location.

A signed rental agreement and deposit are required before confirming an event date.

Table and chair Rentals:

We offer 6' rectange and 5' round tables 

White patio Chairs and white folding chairs


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